We offer a full range of auction services, both on-site and in our auction house to meet your individual auction needs.

  • ESTATE AUCTION: Whether a large estate or small estate settlement, on-site or off-site, we will provide you with professional, courteous, and timely service. When you have been charged with administering an estate settlement, contact us. We will sit down with you and discuss each step in the process of preparing for an estate sale.  We will identify all the actions we will be responsible for and also identify and explain any requirements expected of you.  You will appreciate the friendly knowledgeable staff and the thorough well thought out plan we will develop for you. Once it has been decided which of the many variables and options are best suited for your sale, we will complete the plan and set a date, continuing to be in touch with you or your attorney, as needed, right through the sale.
  • FUNDRAISING AUCTIONS: For the past several years, we have assisted various organizations, such as fire companies, youth groups such as 4-H and Boy Scouts, and churches participating in community outreach programs raise the funds which are needed to continue operating. This can be accomplished through:
    – FOOD AND/OR NEW ITEM SALES, Contracted vendors supply the items to be sold and a percentage of the gross proceeds are given to the organizations,
    – DONATED NEW ITEM SALES. Local businesses and individuals donate new items to the organization to be sold.
    – DONATED USED ITEM SALES. Members of the organization donate items to be sold at auction.
    All fundraising auctions are done at a location supplied by organization and members are expected to donate their time in order to keep costs down.
  • SPECIALTY AUCTIONS, SUCH AS FIREARMS, TOOLS, TOYS, ETC: They aren’t called specialty auctions for nothing. Auctions of this type often need special attention to be successful. We strive to identify target audiences. Then develop a plan to get the sale information out to them. We use email lists provided by our customers and, in addition to standard advertising, we utilize trade magazines and shows, whenever possible.
  • BUSINESS LIQUIDATIONS: If your business is closing talk to us.  When faced with a business liquidation, call Todd Auctioneering and let us work with you to make the arrangements that will maximize the amount you recover from the sale of your business assets. Liquidation of business assets can easily become quite overwhelming, if you let it. We can help you with the liquidation of your business, while minimizing the associated stress, by working with you in first determining whether or not a sale is in your best interest and worthwhile, coordinating with your lawyers or accountants, identifying your assets, determining estimates and values, and choosing the best time and location for your sale.
  • REAL ESTATE: Whether as part of an estate or as a separate entity, let us sell your property, using the auction method. There is not a more competitive way of selling your property for the best possible price. Traditional methods often put a buyer and their agent in a position of attempting to negotiate a lower price or a better deal. With the live auction method, buyers are brought together, competing against each other with individuals in direct competition bidding and out-bidding each other until the highest possible bid is taken.

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